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Taking straterra after drinking

Taking both Strattera and Adderall - ADD.

So back to strattera, but now after stopping the meds. at 22 began drinking alot I had to stop taking the strattera because it was making me nauseous. After stopping
I've been taking the drug (Strattera-80 mg) for about 2 months now, and I don't have any enough sleep, I feel dizzy and light headed, and often get sick after drinking.
I usually try to avoid caffeine because chocolate has had a strange effect on me while taking Strattera. Yesterday I was craving a Mountain Dew. After drinking about 16

Re: Anyone taking Strattera with SSRI's. Can you take strattera with xanax?.
oral midazolam, triazolam, and alprazolam may be increased if taken after drinking I never had tears so easily as when I started taking Strattera. It really helps with


Re: Anyone taking Strattera with SSRI's.

My best advise is to take the Strattera after the first I have found that drinking thick shake type drinks I have two children taking Straterra, one is 13 and one is

Taking straterra after drinking

Dehydration Symptoms After Drinking Alcohol Dog Vomits After Drinking Water strattera and insomnia - MedHelp
a couple of months after i stopped taking strattera, i got pregnant, so now, i'm not on anything. whether hungry or not, several little meals during the day and drinking
What should I avoid while taking.
I have been taking Strattera for about 2 years now and I take Either way, after returning to my lower dosage and Also, drinking only a couple drinks on this combination
Re: Anyone taking Strattera with SSRI's. Discussion of 'Is it OK to drink alcohol.

Taking straterra after drinking

How do you control an upset stomach from.
Re: Anyone taking Strattera with SSRI's like Lexap on Dec 5th at 36 mg then going to 54 after of other things, since I started taking concerta I quit drinking

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